About Me

I love sports and enjoy giving presentations about health. I was a head IT representative in a few companies; but now I’m a proud Bioactivist. I’m very enthusiastic about what I’m doing in my life currently. I always do my work wholeheartedly until I achieve my goal. Thanks to Morinda Bioactives, my life has been transformed and my goals are being achieved.


My Story

My parents were diagnosed with some serious health problems in their lives. I shared the Morinda products with them and the products seemed to really help address the health problems they were facing. My family is so happy now because of this. Our parents are truly content with their health and are enjoying living life to the fullest.

My wife and I have been drinking the Thrive Adaptogenics for six years and our health is at its prime as a result. I will always drink the Thrive Adaptogenics as a result of this.

I have seen such a transformation in my life and in the lives of my family members. We have enjoyed so many positive changes financially as well. We have been able to buy a house, a car, and travel all around the globe. As we’ve traveled, we have got acquainted with Bioactivists from around the world and met so many people with a different culture.

My goal now is to continue to share my happiness with others so they too can be a successful Bioactivist.




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